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Bastian Bosch

Reading an article about  Dr Abraham Hoffer having a 90% success rate treating people with schizophrenia and ADHD, got me into the direction of orthomolecular “medical” science: How do molecules influence our health?

If simple and cheap molecular substances such as Vitamin B-3 and Vitamin C are capable of helping 90% of the people suffering from severe chronic mental disorders, I wanted to know more.

A masterclass in Non Toxic Tumor Therapy, given by Professor Leo Pruimboom, got me using the principle of molecular homing to target specific genes.

How May I Help You?

Cell Nutrition

Before nutrition can be transported into cells, specific receptors need to be activated.

Laboratory Tests

Measuring, the ability of the analytical method or protocol to quantify as well as identify the presence of the substance in question, is knowing.

Work With Me

I use orthomolecular therapy, phytotherapy and isonosodes to reprogramme the immune system and protect stemcells against DNA damage and/or mutation during differentiation to increase stemcell survival. Specific tissues can be targeted for optimal regeneration, life extension and rejuvenation.