Bastiaan Bosch

Interrelated to ALL matter surrounding us, ALL matter matters and ALL matters matter.
All matter, all non-matter and all anti-matter are equally important to our health.
Life’s choices determine the way we die. Vitality is a choice!

Caring about ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, … is key.
The power of our infinite mind is estimated to be 40% of every therapy, and
by deep-learning we can change the way we think and manifest ourselves.

I encounter clients spending more money on their car, than on maintaining their health.
Our body is our life’s vehicle!
Whilst we can buy a new car, we can not “buy” a new body.
We can go to a garage to repair our car parts,
but replacing heart, kidney’s or lungs, is a different story.

Why passively wait for a donor-organ, feeling powerless,
while YOU DO HAVE THE POWER right now to actively influence your health every day.
Prevention has always been better and more cost effective.

I often feel like a solicitor between life and death, pleading in GOD’s court
to both the prosecutor (dis-ease) and the judge (your inner all-knowing) within.

Allowing you to come to inner forgiveness and the choice to choose a vital life,
by utilizing mental laws, spiritual laws and the laws of molecular biochemistry.

Both life and death are given at our moment of birth.
We have to (come to) be in acceptance of our inevitable death.
Free yourself from fear to make mistakes. Learn to enjoy life’s lessons and be grateful!


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